About Dreamz Etc.

Dreamz Etc. started when mom (Gen) and I (Jen) joined forces sharing our love for arts and crafts. Arts and Crafts have been a part of our lives since child-hood. In the 80s, mom was running her Ceramic business (Ceramic Flair) and I...well most days after school and on Saturdays, I was helping mom with classes and busy making projects that I could sell at craft shows/markets at the young age of 14-15 years old. Mom had to close her shop and then life happened and the dream of being an Artist ended...until God opened the doors for us and provided us with an opportunity to start crafting again in 2007. It started as a hobby but we were working our way into creating a business that we decided to establish; we called that business Dreamz EtCetera LLC. Why that name? We ventured into everything that we had a passion for...things that dreamz are made of...which included art, jewelry. makeup and...etcetera...etcetera. In 2015 - 2016, mom and I started to venture into the world of making Journals. I designed the papers and digital collections while mom made the journals. Business began to take off as we became better known through our workshops and YouTube channel. In 2019, I began to design paper collections for Blue Fern Studios (located here in USA) and original stamp designs for Carabelle Studios (located in France). I also continue to build my reputation as a designer for my own Dreamz Etc. designs. I have 2 work locations/studios in (Montana and Arizona). Mom continues to help me with kits and journals.