Pebeo Portrait Ink & Paint Set - PRE-ORDER

Pebeo Portrait Ink & Paint Set - PRE-ORDER

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This set of  watercolor inks are perfect for any crafter or artist at any level. This set is a perfect starter set. These dye based inks are gorgeous. They are vivid, easy to blend and work wonderfully when mixed in with Pebeo acrylic paint. 

Colorex Inks are highly concentrated and can withstand heavy dilution with water. Within the color range are three primary colors and one trichromatic Black, all perfectly balanced on the chromatic scale and semi-indelible, inviting experimentation with color-mixing. Colorex White, which is completely opaque, allows lightening of the different shades, thus extending the range into pastel tones.

Colorex Ink (as with all inks) is sensitive to UV rays. To prevent fading of color over time, you can protect your work with a UV varnish.

Set Includes: 6 - 45ml bottles with dropper top in the following shades:

Cyan, Vermilon, Rose Portrait, Cyan, Olive and Sepia

2 - 100ml tubes Studio Acrylic Paint - 1 - Metallic Gold and 1 - Titanium White